Yeti Outdoor


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From €23,995

Yeti Outdoor


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Yeti Sherpa Commercial


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Design of the ŠKODA Yeti

The new Yeti not only delivers a change in appearance but also a fundamental split into two lines – the Yeti and the Yeti Outdoor.

The Yeti model line comes with a fresh exterior that reflects the new ŠKODA design language. With its distinctive yet practical design, the Yeti distinguishes itself with its body paint coloured features. These include protective side door strips, decorative door sill strips and bumpers including the lower part. Another important distinguishing feature of the car is the fine honeycomb grille of the air intake opening on the front bumper. Roof railings come in either silver or black. The attractiveness of the Yeti version is highlighted by alloy wheels.


Safety is not just a feeling

New safety benchmarks include up to 9 airbags to protect passengers in the front and rear seats. Recognised by the Euro NCAP 2009 with the award of five stars.

Technologically, one of the Yeti’s most interesting active safety features is the use of bi-xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights and curve lighting. These are better at illuminating bends and therefore help the driver to detect hazards more quickly.

The drive assists improve the handling of the vehicle in extreme situations. The brake lights flash during heavy braking and the warning lights are then automatically deployed, providing an urgent warning to the car behind and reducing the risk of rear impact.


Rear view

Drivers who find it hard to accurately judge the length of a parking space will greatly appreciate the Automatic Parking Assistant. It will also help to manoeuvre the car into the parking space itself.

After a simple press of a button, a car equipped with the Automatic Parking Assistant is able to find a large enough gap between parked cars. When a suitable gap (the length of the car plus 60 cm) is found, the car asks the driver to shift into reverse and then parks almost by itself. The car’s electronics turn the steering wheel, while the driver adjusts the speed using the pedals. The Automatic Parking Assistant communicates with the driver through voice instructions and symbols on the Maxi DOT display.

Parking is made even easier by the Optical Parking Assistant with a camera in the handle of the tailgate which displays the area behind the vehicle and features a line of travel the width of the vehicle. It is for the first time you can enjoy this feature in a ŠKODA car.


Personalise your Interior

There are many ways in which the Yeti’s interior can be individualised. It comes in four different model lines: Active, Ambition, Outdoor and Elegance. Twelve different colour combinations are available for the instrument panel, upholstery and trim.

The electrically sliding panoramic roof can be fitted as an optional extra to the Yeti to provide a sense of liberty and freedom of movement. The front section can also be tipped for interior ventilation. At the touch of a button, a blind covers the whole of the panoramic roof, preventing the interior from overheating on hot summer days.


More flexible than expected

The three separate rear seats offer variable layouts. Each can be arranged separately and the angle of each backrest is adjustable. The outer seats can slide backwards and forwards. The middle seat can be removed and the outer seats can be moved towards the centre, thus creating exceptional amounts of extra room for two rear passengers.

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